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  • 23 Jan, 2017
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Click here to read Scott Phillips' article, " Time to buy mining shares and dump insurance stocks? Not so fast ", that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald.
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Most Australians procrastinate preparing for retirement, according to the Retirement Readiness Report.

Click here to view the full article by Oksana Patron, published on Money Management's website.
By lemaster 31 Mar, 2017

There are big celebrations in the office today — Congratulations to Jon on passing his SPAA course, making him a fully certified Self Managed Super Fund Specialist. All of the hours of study have paid off and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

If it’s a Self Managed Super Fund  you’re after, there simply is no one better or more qualified to help you. As with medicine, your GP can help you to a certain point, but then it’s time to see a Specialist. #financialplanning #selfmanagedsuperfund #dixonfinancialgroup

By lemaster 09 Dec, 2016

The days when most people invested their Superannuation in Industry or Retail Super Funds – allowing Fund Managers to make investment decisions on their behalf – are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

With a Self Managed Super Fund , you can be in total control of the way your Super benefit is invested. If you’re disappointed with your Super Fund’s performance, if you would like to have a bigger say about the way in which your hard-earned Super dollars are invested or if you’d like to transfer other assets into your Super fund (such as property, shares or term deposits), a Self Managed Super Fund may be just the solution you’re after.

Whatever the reason, now may be the time to consider changing the way your Super Fund is managed. If you’d like to find out about your options, give DIXON FINANCIAL GROUP a call on 9721 4422 today.

By lemaster 01 Sep, 2016

Jon has his eye on quite a few Mining Service companies (vehicles, refurbishing, drilling) at the moment. Some of these companies have seen spikes in share prices of over 100% in the last month, renewing confidence in a recovery in the Australian Mining Sector.

A few companies that he suggests having a look at are:

Ausdrill Limited (ASL)

Austin Engineering Limited (ANG)

Imdex Limited (IMD)

Swick Mining Services Limited (SWK)

For more information on these companies and for all of your share trading & Self-Managed Superannuation needs, call Dixon Financial Group today on 9721 4422.

By lemaster 04 Aug, 2016

If you’re above the age of 40, you’ve probably stopped at some stage to consider whether or not your Superannuation will be enough to carry you into a comfortable retirement. The ASFA Retirement Standard* benchmarks the annual budget needed for either a comfortable or modest standard of living in the retirement years. A ‘modest’ retirement lifestyle is considered better than the Age Pension but still only able to afford fairly basic activities, whilst a ‘comfortable’ retirement lifestyle enables a retiree to be involved in a broad range of activities & enjoy a good standard of living (reasonable car, clothes, electronic equipment & occasional travel). Both lifestyle scenarios assume that retirees own their own home outright & are relatively healthy.

So how much will you need?

If a ‘modest’ lifestyle is what you budget for, at retirement (65yoa currently, soon to be 67yoa) a single person will need $23,438/annum and a couple will need $33,799/annum.

If it’s a ‘comfortable’ lifestyle you desire, your budget for retirement will need to look more like this: $42,569/annum for a single and $58,444/annum for a couple.

Will the Age Pension be enough for you in your retirement years? Is your Super balance in line with your retirement goals? For all the answers you need when it comes to retirement, call DIXON FINANCIAL GROUP today on 9721 4422.

*information from & more details available at

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